Aphorisms of Software Development

Software development involves peoples with different skill, attitude, background, and education. Communication between persons with a so different mind-set is not easy, and lack of effective communication can hinder the development process more than any technological issue. An old-time strategy to foster new ideas is the use of metaphors or aphorisms: short, concise saying that are readily understood and accepted, because they build on the duality of the human mind: they carry non-verbal information in the form of analogies, inside an easy-to-grasp verbal message. Here I present some of the aphorisms that I’ve successfully used over the years as part of my consulting activity, to communicate with peoples from different countries and with varied culture, or simply to exit with elegance and eloquence from a “stalemate” situation; for each one, a few words of comment are given to consolidate the concepts. Some of them may please you, some may disappoint you – pick the ones you like, but think more about what makes you nervous: sometimes, disappointment is the first step toward a new perspective.